25 years of Neurosurgical Expertise in the care of both Brain and Spinal Disorders

As the Seacoast's one and only Neurosurgical Practice, we provide state of the art treatment for disorders involving the brain and spine . From brain tumors to back and neck pain, we offer the latest surgical and non-surgical therapies to our patients.

Our Virtual Spine Center

Our virtual spine center functions to diagnose, manage and coordinate the care of patients with both operative and non-operative pain syndromes throughout the spine. While a Neurosurgeon's primary role in the treatment of spinal disease is to render a surgical opinion and perform surgery when indicated, we have expanded that role to make sure that all patients with spinal pain syndromes get the appropriate care that is available to them in our community. Our virtual spine center functions to coordinate and organize a step-wise diagnosis and treatment program for both operative and non-operative spinal conditions. Management of spinal disease involves a broad range of medical practitioners including primary care physicians, physical therapists, pain management trained anesthesiologists, rehabilitation physiatrists, psychiatrists, interventional radiologists, and surgeons. A visit to our office will result in a thorough consultation by a Neurosurgeon followed by an appropriate treatment plan involving either conservative management or surgery. Subsequent care and follow-up will be arranged under the auspices of our clinic.

Why a Virtual Spine Center?

While many spine centers function under the aegis of a brick and mortar building, our virtual spine center takes advantage of all the medical expertise already available to patients throughout the Seacoast and southern New Hampshire. Through collaboration with our local Pain Clinics, Physical Therapists, interventional radiologists and Physiatrists we will come up with a treatment plan that will give you the best chance to eliminate your pain and make your spine healthy again.

Whether you need surgery, physical therapy or steroid injections in your spine, we direct your care to make sure that you get the best available treatment for your specific spinal problem. The general treatment plan for someone with pain in their neck or back will be as follows:

  1. Medical Therapy with anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants
  2. Physical Therapy to loosen and strengthen painful back and neck muscles.
  3. Pain Clinic/Physiatry Evaluation for interventional pain therapy (Steroid Injections, Spinal Blocks, Trigger Point Injections, Botox injections).
  4. Surgical Consideration (when other treatment modalities have failed when there is a surgical solution that fits the patient's problem.

We will make sure you follow a treatment plan specific to your pain condition in a step-by-step fashion.